Transfer Precision Bridge Bidding System


T-Precision, PRECISION Bidding System-STANDS FOR TRANSFER Precision

T-Precision 3.0

System is in flux. To get a copy of 1C continuations or the complete responses email [email protected]

1. Introduction


T-Precision stands for Transfer Precision. My goal in this version is to bring T-Precision more in line with Meck-Lite Precision and with the ACBL bidding charts coming in to effect in November 2018. Also, I want to make changes I have come across playing Swedish Precision and other forms of Precision. The changes to the new charts do not affect Precision substantially. Most everything is legal on the Open and Open+ charts, the main exception is Multi 2D which is still restricted. On the Basic+ there are restrictions but for the most part Precision is exempted from the restrictions and has an unfair advantage over more standard methods.


The biggest change is the 1D and 2D bid. The 2D bid is now Mexican (19-20 hcp balanced) to improve handling of interference and to make NT bidding more accurate. So, 1D needs to include three-suiters with 0+D opened 2D in most versions of Precision. Often a 1D opener is looking for a fit opposite a four-card major. Opening 2C still promises six+ clubs, so 1D will include hands with five clubs and a four-card major but will treat these hands as balanced when possible.


The standard limited openings 1D, 1H, 1S, 2C can now be opened on some hands which meet the rule of 19. Third hand limited hands can be opened on near average strength; 8 hcp or meets the rule of 17.


For 1C opening, from Meck-Lite responder uses 1C-1H for most 8-11 hcp hand. Suits respond either 1 bid below 2 of suit or 1S to show spades. Balanced positive with 12+ hcp responds 2S. There are bids to show all positive two-suiter 5-5 or better except for 5S5m which responds 1S even with longer minor. Also, one bid 2NT shows any 4441 from 12 hcp. 3M is a natural semi-solid pre-empt. 3NT is a solid minor and 4 bids (including 4C/4D) are solid majors.


Muiderberg bids showing 5M 4+m's have replaced the standard weak 2M.


2. Precision Opening Bids

 Here is a summary of opening bids:

1C: 16+ hcp or 17+ balanced(but not 19-20 hcp balanced). Good 16 hcp hands can be upgraded) balanced or 16+ with at least a five-card suit or 4441. Suitable hands may be upgraded if 14-15 hcp and meets the rule of 24.

1D: 11-16 hcp hands which cannot make another bid. Specifically, no five-card major and zero+ diamonds (4405). Hand types are balanced hands with 14-16 hcp (11-13 4th seat) and two+ diamonds, 3-suiters with up to a five-card minor, diamond 1-suiter or a 2-suiter with 5+D. Suitable hands can be upgraded if meet rule of 19.

1H or 1S: 11-15 hcp, with five or more cards in the suit. It is a priority to open a five-card major, so opener may have a longer minor. Suitable hands may be upgraded if they meet the rule of 19.

1NT: (11)12-14 hcp, balanced, 1st and 2nd seat. 10-14 hcp 3rd seat. 4th seat 14-16 hcp. Usually no five-card major, singleton honours rare but possible.

2C: 11-15 hcp with six+ clubs and may have a four-card major or diamond suit. Suitable hands may be upgraded if they meet the rule of 19, NF.

2D: Mexican 19-20 hcp and balanced with no five-card major or six-card minor but may include 54 in minors and usually not 5m4M22 shapes.

2H: Muiderberg 7-11 hcp, five card heart suit and a four-five card minor but five Vul, NF

2S: Muiderberg 7-11 hcp, five-card spade suit and a four-five card minor but five Vul, NF.

2NT: Unusual for minors 8-12 hcp, five+ diamonds and five+ clubs, NF. Can be light in 3rd seat.

3 of a minor suit: preemptive, 6-10 hcp, sound six+ card suit. Either a semi-solid suit or a good suit with a side Ace or King in 1st and 2nd seat. Responder with an honour in pre-empt suit should have good prospects for game.

3 of a major suit: preemptive, 5-10 hcp, six+ card suit. Hands include those what would be at the top end for a standard weak 2 bid.

3NT: Solid seven+ card solid minor suit with no side Ace or King.

4 of any suit: preemptive, 5-10 hcp, good seven+ card suit.

4NT: Balanced hand with 2 losers which are Aces or a Kings.

1C Responses

Responses are adjusted after 3rd/4th seat opening

1D: 0-7 hcp but not an Ace and a King. Art. F1.

1H: 8-11 hcp denies five+ spades suit and 5-5 or better hand GF.

1S: 8+ hcp five+ spades GF.

1NT: 12+ hcp five+ clubs and denies five+ side suit GF.

2C: 12+ hcp five+ diamonds and denies five+ side suit GF.

2D: 12+ hcp five+ hearts and denies five+ side suit GF.

2H: 8+ hcp five+ hearts and a five+ minor suit GF.

2S: 12+ hcp balanced including 5m332 GF.

2NT: 12+ hcp any 4441 hand. Hands with a singleton honour can be downgraded to 1H. GF. (So 3rd/4t seat same)

3C: 8+ hcp five+ diamonds and five+ clubs GF.

3D: 8+ hcp five+ hearts and five+ spades GF.

3H: six-card heart suit to two top honours (AQ/KQ). With no side A/K. INV.

3S: six-card spade suit to two top honours (AQ/KQ). With no side A/K. INV.

3NT: solid (AKQ) seven or eight card unnamed minor suit with no side Ace/King NF.

4C: solid (AKQ) seven-card heart suit with no side Ace/King NF.

4D: solid (AKQ) seven-card spade suit with no side Ace/King NF.

4H: solid (AKQ) eight-card heart suit with no side Ace/King NF.

4S: solid (AKQ) eight-card spade suit with no side Ace/King NF.